Tuesday, May 8, 2018


  1. Stop Motion
  2. Portrait with Shallow Depth of Field
  1. Picture that uses a high angle shot
  2. Picture that is funny
  3. Candid shot
  1. Portrait of Strong Emotion
  1. Picture with excellent use of light
  1. Picture of over the shoulder shot
  1. Close up shot
  1. Blurred motion
  2. Cowboy Shot
  1. Picture of a Pirate using a low angle shot

    I could not get this

Friday, May 4, 2018


These are my friends while we were camping on Cheyenne Mountain during spring break. We were attempting to make breakfast with the few supplies we had.

These are my friends, Isabelle and Leilani, while we were at Cafe Ole. They were just enjoying their drinks and I captured them at their happiest moments there.

This is my mom while she was raking leaves in the backyard. She obviously does not look like she is having the most fun, but I loved how the light was during golden hour.

Henri Cartier Bresson:

I think his timing is perfect in all of these photos and he was able to capture them while they were displaying a strong emotion. The first was a girl offguard smiling, the second is a couple cuddling together, and the last is a cheerful man. They all display a shallow depth of field, putting the subject in focus and the emphasis of the picture. Some pictures he chose to put in black and white, which was a smart decision and really enhances the picture and brings out the best in the subject. Overall, Henri did a great job with timing, his composition, and ability to capture the perfect moment.


Paintbrush Project

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


What my collage says about me as an artist is it shows a few of my favorite artists/bands, my love for dogs, my favorite food, a few hobbies I like to partake in, and my ethnicity.